The Technique

The Alexander Technique was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Frederick Matthias Alexander in London and is today known all over the world especially among actors, musicians and dancers. That being said, the Alexander Technique is by far not only interesting for these groups of people. The Alexander Technique offers everyone the opportunity to learn a freer use of the self; to recognize and change unconscious patterns of action; to consciously replace old habits that restrict us with new means to achieve our desired goals.

Learning the Alexander Technique is a process similar to learning an instrument. It is possible, however, that important insights will be gained in the first few hours and that impressive transformative changes will take place over time. These include improved perception of one’s own body, increased mobility, a more relaxed attitude in stressful situations, an increased self-confidence, etc.

As you learn a new way of using yourself, you might not be able to see all the changes and benefits right away. A very good friend of mine who has known me for decades said to me after my first half year of Alexander-Technique training: „You stand differently, you walk differently, you talk differently.“ Only then I realised how much I had already changed and learned to be more open and light.